Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Beginnings... again... :)

Finally, a chance to sit down and reflect on the hectic 2010!
But I'm not going to dwell for long.  2010 got me part way to achieveing some goals and rather than drawing the metaphorical line under it, I will just sneak up on 2011 like a naughty girl sneaking in late to the back of the class.

Speaking of Class, I went to my first Body Conditioning class last night.
Being the first real exercise I've done in a while, I was a little worried that I'd not last the hour but with the encouragement of the very tiny class leader, I did quite well.  She was impressed that as the (clearly) most unfit in the class, I managed to not stop apart from on some of the stretches that my body isn't ready for.  The aerobic stuff was difficult but I focused and pulled through.
The hubster came to the class too and was very surprised (as was I) at how uncoordinated he is - his wobbles when standing on one leg were a source of entertainment for the whole class.

On Saturday, we'll be walking The Blorenge and punchbowl with Merthyr Valley Ramblers.  There are several rambling groups locally who meet on weekends so thats something to get us out of the gym and into real life!

It felt good to do it, and I knew as soon as it finished that I wanted more.
We're booked in to do Aerobiking, RMP and Aquarobics and we're trying to fit a few more things in too, to see what we like and what sticks.

Hopefully we'll progress to Zumba soon! :)

Friday, 22 October 2010

Jus Thinkin's

It is possible to cling to something so tightly, so closely because you wish to prevent its escape, that you instead stifle its growth and prevent it from becoming the beautiful thing it could be, if you just released your grip a little.

It is possible to alienate people who love and admire you by refusing help when it is offered because you don't want to lose control.

If you close your eyes to the world and become insular, making things only as you want them to be - nothing is organic.  
Nothing is natural.
Nothing will last.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nigella Lawson, eat your heart out...

...but it won't taste as nommy as my Spicy Autumn Veg Soup thats on the stove simmering away right now :)
I've never made soup before 9AM before.  It may become a habit. 

In an attempt to become just like the Domestic Goddess herself (OK, so I'll never look like that and will probably lose interest the moment I have to read a recipe) I've been getting up a little earlier than I need to in order to sort out the big mess that is called a kitchen.
It took us years to get the new kitchen setup, and now an electrictian wants to take most of it out because the original guy messed up.  Well OK, but after Christmas.  Until then I'm getting it organised.  I'm considering packing it up into boxes, and unpacking in a logical manner, so that the things I use a lot are not three feet above my head, and the punch bowl I inherited from my mother isn't the first thing I see when I'm reaching for the eggs.
I'm also putting a curtain on the pantry door.  I will eventually reshelve it, but until then, its best hidden.

Projects on the go: 
Felted Bowl is OTN, if it works well, I'll make it a pair. 
Halloween/Hubsters Birthday postponed party is next week, must clean house, decorate for halloween and decide what to cook.  Chilli or soup? I think I'll be souped out by then :)
Christmas is looming in, I must decide who is getting a handmade gift and what it will be, and get onto that this week.
I have been offered the lend of a Spinning Wheel for the winter.  Watch this space (I may need untangling!)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Wow, has it really been that long?

When life is busy, life is good.  And life gets in the way of blogging!
So here we are again, its almost Christmas, I've not blogged since April.  I've had a lovely few months with many distractions, so here's an update on my resolutions

Knit more often and lovelier things than booties
 I've not stopped! The birth of Baby Corey meant a brief baby knitting session, which I enjoyed because it was not my sole endeavor.  The Travelling Scarf project at Ponty Stitch was fantastic.  So creative, so many lovely people putting love into their little sections of everyones scarves.  It was overwhelming.

Complete 50% of my photography course
OK, so not quite there with this.  I'm through the first unit, into the second, progress IS happening but not fast enough for my liking.
Here is one of the shots I'm submitting for Unit 1, to show shallow depth of field.

Learn to crochet
With the help of the lovely GypsyDancer, this is going really well.  I've struggled getting some of the concepts on board with my uncoordinated brainbox, but we're getting there.

Actually finish a beading project (or two) 
Well, I was gonna, but then I didn't and I thought I could, but I went shopping instead :)  Thanks to my oober creative buddies, I have a LOT of ideas for the beads I already have.  I just need some time to put them into practice.  It will happen. It WILL happen.

Make some new friends
Done. Dusted.  All I can handle! :)  Made some new ones, reconnected with some old ones, and I love them all :)

Be musical
Well I bought the piano! What more do you want!

Smile more than I frown
This has definately been the most successful resolution so far.  I'm still not 100% happy but its a work in progress.

Picturemagraphs coming very soon... Watch this space!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Jen...

As Tuesday progressed, my will to be dragged around Porthkerry park with a list of things to be creative about (which I feel stifles my creativity anyway) wained, and as I'm working lates next week I won't be there to have my creativity critiscised, and after last weeks 'lesson' I was extremely unsure about the class anyway, so excuses made, we didn't go.
We did play around in the garden and take too many photographs of our Japanese Cherry Blossom, that is losing its blossoms thick and fast for this year.
One of my wishes for the garden, is that this tree blossoms throughout summer, its so beautiful for a few weeks in spring, then its gone for a year.
I feel a crafty project coming on here...

I'm really enjoying knit club on Wednesdays, and last night GypsyDancer was able to patiently tell me what I was doing with my crochet, and what I'd done wrong.  By the end of the week, I'll be able to join the freeform CAL on Rav with some confidence that I know what the instructions mean!

The Baby socks for my sisters baby (Due today) are almost done, the blanket, socks and hat will be posted Saturday. 
This project has felt a little odd, as I've never met this sister (loooong story for another time) and I don't know her tastes or anything about her yet.  Fingers crossed she'll like them though.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

WonderWool Wales 2010

Meet Clop the Goat

I convinced hubby that this would be an invaluable opportunity to take lots of photographs so that he'd come with me to WonderWool, and although he barely got his camera out, he seemed to have a fantastic time, looking for a dark "boy" coloured yarn for me to knit up a phone cover with. 

He didn't find one he liked, but agreed that a trip to the haberdashery dept of John Lewis was in order.
I don't know if I conned him, or he came to that conclusion himself - but Result! :)

My purchases consisted of a lovely creation of GypsyDancer, (can't say too much about that yet as its a gift for someone who may read this) and 2 Spinning Batts.  Well thats what it says on the bag, I don't know what they are called really.  Hand died, merino, soft as heavens clouds in Lilac and Lime. 
Purchasing a spindle did not go so well.  I could only find three stalls selling them, one was selling pine, very basic models, another selling Turkish spindles which looked a little confusing, and a third guy putting on the hard sell, whose spindles were made of ebony.
I'm not an expert, but I know some types of ebony are endangered and I didn't feel comfortable to ask this guy about his sources.
Etsy it is for Spindles!

A lovely day out, I would recomend this to all, yarn-fondlers or not.  Next year I'll probably camp and go both days (after remortgaging the house and selling a leg to pay for yarn), lets make it a party?

On the way home, Erwood Craft Centre for a lovely brew and a nosey at the lovelyness there.  They now sell spinning yarn too, coloured by one of the WonderWool exhibitors who I was gutted not to be able to buy from (hence selling the leg next year), I'll be going back there when I have my spindle to purchase some Blue-Faced Leicester trimmings :)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Follow on from Tography

The only girl in the room, and one of the only two under 70, I felt a little out of place at the course I went to last night.

I think the level of the course, and the speed of learning may be a little below what we are looking for.  More of a hobby course than anything serious.  The teacher is using, and seems to swear by a bridge camera, (and seemed a little put off by my 50D) which makes me worry that he won't be able to answer my DSLR queries fully.  The class has been together a while, and have a lot of in-jokes and don't seem to serious about learning anything new. 
A lovely bunch of people, who seem to have a lot of fun, but not learn a thing.

Hubby and I are giving it another go next week, as its a practical session.  We'll decide then if its worth the money/time/stress of travelling so far on a school night - I think I have already given up, my NYIP course is so much more detailed and aimed at the level I need - my tuesday nights would be better served doing that and my own practical sessions, particularly at this time of year.